Dad in Motorbike Accident

Yesterday evening, my dear father got into a motorbike accident. He is an assistant engineer at SMRT. I did not know about the accident until today when my mom whatsapped me.

As a daughter, of course upon hearing this, I called him. I told him that he should have informed me but he did not want to worry us.

He was on the road and a bus did not follow the road law and almost hit him. He had to choose to save his motorbike or to save his life. He threw his bike and his body fell to the ground. Thank God there were kind souls to help him.

My dad always thought about others before himself. When the driver got down, he had no heart to claim insurance as the driver was an elderly man. He said the man wanted to earn a living and he did not want to put the man’s career at risk. He also did not ask for insurance. My dad was bleeding around his arms and a few parts of his legs.

When he returned home, my mom asked him to go the doctor. The doctor asked him to go Tan Tock Seng Hospital for a full body check-up. He only got a day MC. Can you believe it? Accident and was given only a day.

He said he has to go to work to ensure the safety of the passengers. His colleagues are on leave. He always comments what if my kids are on the train.

I pray for the safety of my loved ones.

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