How To Have A Great X Life With Your Wife

Men often think that women would love those 6 abs etc but truth is, they are so wrong.

If you want to have a good X life with your wife, here are the greatest tips:

1) Help her with the housework when she is working i.e. Mop, Vacuum, Sweep

2) Instead of you asking her for a head massage, you should probably do it for her

3) The norm is if the wife cooks for the husband. Imagine if the husband cooks for the wife, wow, she would be so touched.

4) Stop finding her faults all the time. Admit your faults and change.

5) Hug her more. Give her kisses on the cheeks that leads up to the great night. Don’t play games all the times and expect her to give you a good time after waiting for you till she is sleepy.

6) If she is not feeling well, offer to feed her medicine.

7) Lower your ego. Don’t always say she is dumb or make comments like hey simple things also don’t know. This will make her loose her appetite for you big time because she herself could highlight your flaws but she controls herself for the sake of love.

That’s All. If you do the above, CONFIRM she will love you big time and give you a good night in bed.

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