Sydney Relative

It has been a long time since I have last seen my relative from Aussie. 12 years to be exact. Even though our acquintance was short back then, I can imitate his accent perfectly.

I would love to visit him there but I have two issues:

1) Insufficient Savings to travel there

2) Whether racism exists there as I am a Hijabi

I love my relative there and was shocked that his child is already 1yr 6 months. Mine is 2 years old.

I would love to explore Australia. Should let our children get to know each other!



I Fell On The Escalator

I fell on the escalator on 22 March 2018. I never imagined that I would ever fall on the escalator but I did.

I was rushing for work so I walked faster on the escalator. Everyone looked at me. Given my weight, it might have been a loud sound.

Luckily, only the edge of the escalator affected part of my feet.

Right after the incident:

Lots of blood came out. After placing antiseptic cream, blood still came out. I placed the melolin tape as well.

Today, 25 March 2018:

Horrible right? Blue blacks plus scars. On Thursday, my hubby asked to place ice to reduce the swell. WOW HURTS SO BAD!

I put Steroid cream on it as well. My feet does feel the aches now. Not instantly.

Moral of the story: Your life matters more than other things in life. Be careful!

Anyway I created a new word from this: Escalatorophobia – Fear of Escalators

LOL. Yeah.