Would You… Remarry?

I stumbled upon articles of couples remarrying after their spouse passes away. But my question to you is… Would you remarry?

I thought about this last night and realized that I would probably have regretted certain things I did WHILE married. When I realized this, I have put forward in my heart to promise to love my husband fully and to love my kid or KIDS (in future) with all of my heart.

For me, I would not remarry. This is my preference. I asked this question to my husband but he has not responded yet. HAHA. I know we can’t predict the future but like I said, it is my preference.

I do not want to go through the hassle of planning an engagement or wedding. Furthermore, to go though the ups and downs with another man. I would rather use the remaining years to love my children. Strengthen the bond between relatives and family. Go for exercise classes. Work part-time. Keep fit. And just be closer to God.

What if you feel lonely? There is still God. I would rather be lonely and close to God then to remarry and get my children and family to like him. It’s a waste of time.

On top of that, I am still in love with my husband. If he was to go before me, I would miss him deeply even though we argue and fight a lot. He is my soulmate and I will love him till my last days. I also hope that he is there to love me till the end as well.

It is hard for a man to tackle me. I don’t love fully easily. Only with my hubby I have loved fully.

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