Ms Toddler’s Adventures at PlayFit (Orchid Country Club)


The country club’s website states that the PlayFit opens at 10am. Soooo wrong, it opens at 11am hahaha. Please come at 11.

The indoor playground is quite small but it had many interesting obstacles and colourful slides. More suitable for toddlers like my child. Accompanying adults pay $2 and NTUC members get a discount. WOW I kind of exercised and was exercising by following my child wherever she went.

And there was this mirror which made me looked funny.

She was afraid of the trampouline. Maybe because I was the one jumping so she really bounced. HAHA

Some swing and see saw fun which was not really well lit. Quite dark so I had to use flash hahaha

She looooved playing with the colorful balls, climbing and sliding…

We played on the Wall of Lego where she used the Lego blocks to build a loooooooong train. Yes loooooooooooong train. It is as fun bonding time so I joined in and created clouds, the sun, a sheep and flower. Of course, I added some love to it yeah!

From left to right, she drew a tree, an apple and a heart using the chalk. Lol it is okay at least she tried and I appreciate the art. 👅

She got a balloon and lollipop because she was too cute hahahahahaha. I think the staff gave her the treat.

But do you know what’s the best part? My girl slept really well in the afternoon. My hubby and I got to have a rest and spent time just cuddling. Time together is precious when you have a kid.

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