Imperfection Is Proof That You Are Human

Laser hair removals… Skin whitening… Do whatever you want to yourself.

Truth remains that, you will still be imperfect because beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

Praise your husband/wife for the beauty that God has given him/her.

So I am going to praise my husband today.

Even though he and I, to be honest, have millions of flaws and imperfections…

Dear Hubby,

I find that you are very macho and manly. You are tall and strikingly charming. I love your eyes. I love your face when you sleep. I love the way your body is. I love hugging it. I love the smell of your body, it is neither nice nor smelly – It just smells you. I love tickling your armpit because I find you cute.

What are you waiting for? Praise someone today!

Would you sell away your house Made with Love if circumstances drive you to?

WhatsApp Image 2018-04-18 at 07.36.51.jpeg

My husband and I had a conversation about our beautiful house few days back. We thought selling the house few years ahead after the train has been built. The above picture is a snapshot of our living room.

However, after decorating it with love and spending a year with the house, I feel a connection with it.

How do you let go of a house that you and partner has built with love as it’s base?

We took months and years to paint it, decorate it etc. I think I will cry if we were to sell it but if circumstances lead to that decision than I would have to do it.

The house is also just in front of a Primary School so it is easy for my child to travel to school. I wouldn’t want her to live in constant change.

In Singapore, we have to wait about 5 years after purchase to sell it off… I am falling in love with the house. So, have to think deeply on whether it is a need or want to sell the house.

As it is, afterall, a house made with love between my husband and I. Our savings… Our sweat… Our tears.


Slimming Tips from a Mom of 2

I went to the slimming centre recently and saw this receptionist. I asked her what her age was… She said late 40s. And I was shocked. Her body was super slim!

O.M.G. But she did inspire me though given her nice figure.

So these are the tips given by her:

1) Drink warm Ginger Tea after every meal (Boil raw Ginger with gula melaka)

2) Wear a bengkung every night (a.k.a. body shaper/corset)

We were really having a good conversation but I am glad I got these tips because it has time and again been proven by people I normally talk to.


Jinx Day

Yesterday, I was jinx-ed the whole day.




First, I was looking for my missing thumbdrive – which was no where to be found…

The whole day I was busy with work.

Save the best for the last they say…

As I was going down the stairs… My iPhone found a way to jump out from my hands. It did and guess what…

The screen cracked. Or so I thought… Until I showed my colleague and realized that my hubby used tempered glass on the screen.

I was like hey, thank God. My iPhone is saved UNTIL…

I took Grab and decided to try and open the tempered glass as there were cracks everywhere.

The glass sliced my thumb a little. Dang, blood came oozing out. I had wet wipes and Dettol sanitizer…

So, I quickly squeezed it while bleeding in the Grab.

What a day… They say once your day starts bad, it really does continues…


Missing My Missing Thumbdrive

I am just 28 turning 29… But due to my hectic schedule, I misplaced my teddy bear pouch.

That’s not the worst part of it all… The pouch contains two thumbdrives with a lot of important information… My personal photos with family and probably other personal stuffs as well.

Dear God, where did it go? Did I accidentally dropped it while taking out my wallet? Did I took it out from my bag and forgot where I placed?

I can’t remember… I can’t remember… And I’m just 28 years old having a mind block. H.E.L.P.