Lifetime Comparison Despite Blood Ties

They say blood is thicker than water but is it really?

My aunts tend to compare me and their children – in terms of academic, career etc.

I though that by my generation, this whole comparison thing would end but it did not. Unfortunately, I could read through my cousin’s heart. She is also following her mom’s footsteps which is to… compare my child and her child. I hate to bring my child up in this kind of comparison. If we truly believe in God, we should believe that whatever that has been planned for us, is our Destiny. We should not compre our children to see who is better. I am disappointed that verbally she says she is not as such but in reality, she is. This cousin of mine is a year older than me.

She posts her child’s photograph with probably the intention to show that her child is better or best. For me, I prefer a low profiled life. I was blessed with a job, house, marriage and a child… but I prefer to keep my life under blankets because of the gossips that I might stir up.

Life is simple. Also, we are relatives connected by blood ties, so why are you comparing? Don’t you believe in destiny or fate?