Anniversary @ Double Tree Hilton Hotel JB

We needed a short trip badly. Yesterday we took the KTM train from SG to JB @ $5 per person. Yesterday was freaking packed to the max!

I must admit that this is the best hotel I have ever been too! We had a welcome cookie which tasted SUPER DELISH! Yummeh! A friendly receptionist named Richie welcomed us alongside his manager. Customer service is fantastic!

We told them that our anniversary was today so yesterday when we arrived they have already decorated the hotel. WOW.

Loved the deco but because the drinks might not be Halal, we did not consume it. But appreciated the extra mile!

The best part was the massage. I booked last minute… at 6pm I called for an 8pm massage. On a weekday so I was lucky there were slots! HAHA. They could do in room but I prefer doing at their massage room as our toddler was sleeping in our hotel room… big shoutout to hubby for watching over our baby girl while I relax. I had a swedish massage by Jenny! SUPERB.

Before the massage, my feet were soaked in rose petals…

This is one of the best hotel in JB I have visited.

I love Malaysia and just want to take a short break from the hustle bustle of SG.

Wish we had more money to invest on a longer stay.


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