Trip to Hello Kitty Town JB & Thomas Town

Before the entrance of Hello Kitty Town… Wow pink everywhere. LOL


Afterwhich, my family took the spinning tea cup ride. My head was also spinning after the ride… I am serious. I felt dizzy!


We then proceeded to catch some nice Hello Kitty themed rooms… If my house was really like this, speechless. Too much kitties to look at everyday. Hahaha


At this point, I was starting to get tired… I think my girl was starting to get hungry as well. There were some activities for the kids to do but I would be honest, 2 year olds don’t really enjoy this part the most… but it does encourage bonding (and a little argument between mom and child as the child is not ready to share)… Below we are coloring images to make a badge.


Next part was the one she loved the most i.e. Le Indoor Playground also known as, the I Am Tired Of Chasing You Around to mothers…


Overall, these are the highlights… AND also overall, I was tired and hungry folks.

The End.


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