Break-Up Season

It’s the season to be breaking up… Tralalala.


So many celebrities are breaking up and divorcing. And it’s just pretty scary.

How do you let go of someone you have had years with? The answer is simple – when it gets too much. Then how do we avoid it? Know your boundaries.

People tend to not appreciate what they have till it’s too late. If your wife cleans the house for you till it’s sparkly, don’t go comment on her physical flaws i.e. stretch marks etc unless you are freaking paying for the treament.


If her feet is cracked like an old lady’s, be a gentleman and show her you love her by sending her for a pedicure. Don’t ridicule her and say that she has the leg of an old hag.


If she has truckloads of freckles. Well, God has given that to her so what can you do to help? Give her a facial if you are under budget… if not, send her for a facial.

If she does everything very well for you, she jolly well deserves it.

Marriage is like tango. Someone close to me just considered having a divorce. I feel sad for her. I know and understand what she has to go through.

Even hot celebrities are divorcing… Physical will never be perfect.

Are you willing to fight for your marriage and keep the fire burning alive?

It takes two to tango… do not leave your partner dancing alone because another person on the dancefloor might sweep her away.

Always love your partner more each day… because you might never know when God wants him or her back.



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