Came Across An Accident That Changed My Perspective On Life

This morning, I was busy setting up the projector in the canteen when I heard a strangely weird LOUD sound. Out of curiosity, I looked ahead… Opposite the school. To my dismay, I saw the lorry bouncing on the road. The sad part was what I was told after. Two people were under the lorry but… dead. Sadly.

First thoughts that came to my mind were straight away, their family. There were just standing innocently at the traffic light when the accident happened.

It could happen to anyone. We all don’t know what might happen to us in future. But if there is one thing I learnt from this accident that I happened to see is that life is so short. Cherish your loved ones. And always pray for your safety and the safety of your loved ones…

I lost my appetite to eat because I felt a certain kind of sadness in my heart.

I pray for the safety of myself and everyone around me.

You can type in Google the following, ‘Accident in Yio Chu Kang’. It happened today in Singapore about 9.36am.


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