Q Of The Day: Death Is Expecting You OR You Are Expecting Death

Recently, I read an article with regards to a girl that passed on due to an accident in SG. She was a very beautiful young lady and was an only child, according to the news report. The father explained that before his daughter passed away, she described in detail how her death bed should be.

So my Q of the day is, is death expecting you or are you expecting death?

Even my cousin shared with me the same scenario before his younger brother passed away in an accident. Days before, he was apologizing to all his family members and telling them that he loves them. No one had a clue that he was going to pass away days after.

I have yet to digest this question in my head. However, my deepest condolences goes to all the family members of the deceased.

Loosing a loved one is one of the hardest obstacles in life.

Even after the death of my young cousin, he often visits me in my dreams to bid me his farewell and to give me a hug.

I instantly cried in my dreams because the dreams kept coming until I passed his messages in my dreams to his family.

When I finally did pass the message to his family, he did not appear in my dreams anymore.

May his soul rest in peace.

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