Benefits of Ice Cubes in Beauty

I ain’t telling lies when I say that Ice makes you look Nice. It is freaking true guys. Here’s a list of it’s beauty benefits:


1) Pimple Attack

I placed it on my pimple to reduce the swelling and it really did.

2) Bye Puffy Eyes

This week, my eye bags have been really bad. So, today I did it. I placed ice cubes wrapped with tissues on my eyes. Super cold but it’s refreshing.


3) Lift Me Up

What I meant was a face lift actually. It helps with the lines andddd *drumrolls* blood circulation.

4) Perfect 10 Makeup

Always apply ice cubes before putting on makeup. It helps in making your makeup last longer and honestly, you would look more gorgeous. It did help when I got engaged. The MUA made me put ice cubes over my face. My face was freezing though. HAHA

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