Changed My Diet & My Poop Gave Me Thumbs Up

Good morning ladies and gentlemen, this week I tried a new diet at work and found that I did shed a few kilos.

For breakfast, I had a warm cup of Milo and two WHOLEMEAL tuna and egg sandwiches.


For lunch, I had a heavier meal ranging from Mee Siam to Mee Rebus etc.

For teabreaks, I bought myself some snacks with a cup of warm Milo.

Last time, I used to drink cold drinks but now… I stick to my warm cup of Milo. It is better to drink warm water as compared to cold water.

For dinner, I had an average meal like Mee Hoon Soto which tasted good but not too heavy like Rice.


How did my poop give me thumbs up? HAHA well

1) It did not float. A good poop sinks to the bottom.

2) It was not dark in colour. The color was just nice.

This new diet works really well for me and wholemeal really keeps you fuller longer.

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