Making the Most out of Least

Today I did a lot of reflecting. Have I been living my life to the best of my capabilities?

The answer is no if you want to think about it religiously and financially.

Then, I realize I now know the rich gets richer. A friend of mine once told me a story about a scientist who made $12K per month BUT is living life like he is earning $12 per day. Absurd. He even got himself a TV when the child finished his NS. He believes strongly in only spending on the necessities.


The rich really is stingy I find. They are so thrifty with their money and act like the money is going to last a lifetime. You are going to leave this Earth one day so why so stingy?


But anyway, that aside, I saw a youtube video that potrayed how the rich saved their money and made lots and lots of bling bling.


I will make an effort to save but at the same time not fall into the stinky stingy pool.

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