The Harsh Truth About Being A Mom With A Hubby Working Shift

I have been bottling up for too long. But I am letting it all go today.

1) Even though you are really unwell, if your hubby needs to work on a Public Holiday FULL day, he has to go. So good luck to how you manage the child alone. Nobody is going to care whether you can cope or not.

2) Your own family will give excuses why they can’t come to your house when you really are ill. So, again, nobody is going to care if you can cope.

3) Your child is too young to understand that you are sick. You have to force yourself to play with her, bathe her, clean the laundry all ALONE. Nobody will offer to help you. If you collapse alone, your child will be wandering the house alone.

At this point, I am trying to be strong. So, before you get married to a husband who works shift, think it through. Live near your own parents because if you were sick, they won’t be lazy to drop by.