Things About Work Not Everyone Shares About

1) Hey, are you able to stay another hour but without OT?

If you say no, you are gonna be labelled in their heads.

If you say yes, you are not getting paid.

Say what boss? How? What? Why?

2) I need you to finish this by today as commanded by someone who is not even your Reporting Officer but talks like one.

First, you are not my boss. Second, the dateline is not today. Third, if you need help, talk respectfully and don’t be an ***.


3) The Singles @ Work

Despite the age where they should have been married, these men or women are not. And I see a pattern. They have a selfish aura and wants things done their way. I would like to pray for your soulmate to come but seriously, you have to change first your attitude.


4) The Stinky Stingies

I am on a diet but he or she sees your meal, SNAP, they ask if they can have a share of your meal. Omgoatz, are you serious right now?


5) The Snakes

I am gonna act like a princess in front of you but be an *** behind your back by talking crap about you. I caught a snake today!