Fruits For Tod(dler)

They say the first year is tough. And hell yeah, it really is tough. Hahaha


However, now that my girl is 2 years 4 months, I am totally enjoying every second of it.

I used to lack fruits in her diet but now, I have added it into our daily lives.


But this is her ultimate fav that will let her put her toys away just to eat (Oh yeah, you’ve gotta read this):

1) Seedless Grapes (Sliced – To be prevent choking)

2) Bananas (Sliced – To be prevent choking twice)

3) Raisins

I mix it all in a bowl and she loves it. My daughter is at a good healthy weight of 14.2kg.


She is now an adorable chubby two year old.

Give it a try, your child’s gonna love. Even YOU will love it. I ate her share – partly.



How To Keep Yourself Attractive To Your Hubby

I know I am a Hijabi but truth is, I would rather the truth. I am no love guru but put yourself in the shoes of your man… What kinda woman would you want? They say sexist and all for disliking woman with armpit hair but… what if it is more about hygiene that your partner cares about.


I notice many women who don’t take the effort to maintain after marriage but you have to because your hubby has eyes. They say love your partner for who she is. If you were to let him choose between a normal looking pancake and a pancake that has maple syrup, he would obviously choose the maple syrup.

Next is money. Do it for yourself of course. Save up and do it for your own hygiene girlfriend.

Here is my maintenance list:


1) Waxing – Wax the freaking armpit and flower of yours. He would love it and you would it because you know that he loves it.


2) Hello Dentist – Would you wanna kiss someone who can spread bacteria via his or her mouth? From far I can smell a smoker’s breath and it freaking stinks like hell. LOL how can a woman kiss that mouth without mint?


3) Lingerie – Please wear a lingirie in bed before another woman does for your hubby.


4) Parfum – Spray on a sexy perfume guys! If you can wear it outside why not wear it at home? Shampoo your hair with the BEST smelling shampoo. Your man would surely lie down in bed with you.

5) Aromas – Please place aromas in your room. It helps to destress your hubby thus he would have the mood thus you would have a good time.

5) Bedsheet – Keep it romantic. Perhaps a rosy bedsheet.


That’s all for tonight. Have a sexy good night.