Fruits For Tod(dler)

They say the first year is tough. And hell yeah, it really is tough. Hahaha


However, now that my girl is 2 years 4 months, I am totally enjoying every second of it.

I used to lack fruits in her diet but now, I have added it into our daily lives.


But this is her ultimate fav that will let her put her toys away just to eat (Oh yeah, you’ve gotta read this):

1) Seedless Grapes (Sliced – To be prevent choking)

2) Bananas (Sliced – To be prevent choking twice)

3) Raisins

I mix it all in a bowl and she loves it. My daughter is at a good healthy weight of 14.2kg.


She is now an adorable chubby two year old.

Give it a try, your child’s gonna love. Even YOU will love it. I ate her share – partly.



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