How To Fully Utilize Your Leave Happily – Working Mom Edition

Here’s a list of what I did yesterday. As a working mom, having leave is like the best thing ever. So, these are the things I did:

  1. 9.30am – My appointment was supposed to be at 0930. But, at 0900, I went to the dentist for scaling and polishing. I had a bad experience in a private dental clinic so I went to a public dental clinic. Wow, it was not as painful and I think the dentist did a great job. My teeth does appear cleaner. Not only that, she gave me tips on how to care for my teeth. UNFORTUNATELY, I found out that I need filling and well as Wisdom Tooth extraction. I felt clean afterwhich and am happy to have learnt how to brush my teeth properly as well. ENCOURAGED TO VISIT THE DENSTIST FOR CLEANING EVERY 6 MONTHS!IMG_4937
  2. At around 11am, I went for a Pedicure. My legs were extremely dry. Like seriously, cracked and all. So the staff helped to scrap my old skin and since I was having my period, decided to paint my nails in Gold. I did a classic pedicure.


  3. I went an interview in between.
  4. Last, I had a movie date with my husband. LOVED IT! The movie was awesome! Can’t wait for the next movie.


That’s about it. I felt like I fully utilized my leave. I enjoyed the 1 day break. AND YOU SHOULD TOO!

It feels great to have a great time with great people.

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