I Almost Collapsed

Today, I told my husband all the happy things that happened… Except the part I almost collapsed at work.

I felt my head becoming light. My vision went blurry. I saw white lights again. I walked quickly to the General Office.

I sweated profusely. I was drenched in sweat. My colleagues were asking me whether I was fine and if I needed help.

I only thought of my child. I placed my head on the table… I felt like I was going to die. Almost wanted to ask my friend to call the ambulance. I called out for my friend from afar and said ‘Help Me’.

She quickly made me tea and asked me to sit at her chair.

I felt so afraid and terrified. Life is so fragile: Maybe I am just too tired.

I maybe doing work in the office but it consumes me mentally. Physical or mental, it is both of tiring.

What if something happened to me today? You expect so much from me but you forgot a very important fact… I am just like you… I am human and I almost collapsed today.

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