Led A Simple Life


Credits: @beauty_of_the_beloved

Yes after my contract ends… I am leading a simple life. I made a decision to just work part-time. Savings would be lesser or none but at least I get more T for Time.

Time for my princess. Time for my King. And most importantly, Time for the Queen – Me.

I will learn to lead this simple life with the necessary amenities.

Eid (Hari Raya) House Tour @ My Singapore 4 Room Flat

As Hari Raya was approaching, had to start cleaning the house. This is our living room.


Our dining area. We keep it as simple as possible. I hate a cramped environment.

Our walk-in wardrobe. LOL not the usual wardrobe.

Our dear girl’s room. We try to keep it as lively as possible.

Our kitchen – Seasoned with Love.

So what do you think? Do give your comments if you think it’s a yay or a nay! LOL

Evil Eye


Credits: Pinterest

I learnt this the hard way but I experienced it myself. When people hate that you are married, have a job and is blessed with a kid. But, these people forgot that all of these are temporary. That is the sole reason why I deleted all my social media accounts except this blog.