Beautiful Lie, Painful Truth


Credits: pinterest

Recently, I had a minor disagreement with my boss. My contract is ending end of June and I had a job offer. But, recently, my health has not been doing too well. He did not believe me.

Truth however remains that this is my body. I, myself, will know the condition of my body and when it has reached it’s breaking point.

He said why take a break? However, take note of the recent deaths in the news of celebrities passing on. Example, Avicii. He was so tired. His body already said no but some people did not believe him.

I learnt from his experience though. That death waits for no one. If you feel like your body needs a break, take it because only you know your body. If you are sick, nobody is gonna bother to care for you at the hospital bed. They have their own commitments.

So, in July, I am giving my body a break to regain my health as it is the most precious gift you have.

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