Life of a Part-Time Student Care Teacher & A Hubby on Shift Mode

It’s been a few days since I last blogged because I was adjusting to my new lifestyle. I would be able to adapt but it just takes time.

I recently took the challenge of becoming a part-time student care teacher. I’m glad to share my schedule for the day. I think I can slim down with this current job.

8.30am: Alisha reaches Childcare

9am: Purchase Breakfast (Rice + Meat/Chicken + Vege)

9.30am: Eat Breakfast

10am: Blog, Prepare Student Care, Housework

11am: Bath

11.30am: Travel By Bus + Walking to Student Care Centre

Though I start work at 12.30pm, I reach earlier to prepare for the lesson to come. I will photocopy whatever that is needed for the students to complete. On top of that, I have to ensure that students complete their homework.

My day moves on fast. Like real…. Fast. Because we have many students to monitor. It’s not an easy job but I have to learn to adapt to it. Because 1) it’s near to my home 2) I sill get to teach.

At one part of the day, I have to conduct a few activities for them to do. For example, Art.

It’s a challenge but I will learn what student care teachers have to go through each day.

If my hubby is on OFF day, he will fetch my daughter. If not, I will rush from the student care at about 6.30pm by Grab. In cases where hubby works whole day OR when my hubby has to leave for night shift.

But I am blessed AND thankful that I get more time with my girl in the AM. I have no regrets now.

Well, it takes two to tango.


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