My Third Eye Seemed To Have Became Lesser Than Before


Sidetrack: GAHHH – My eyebags and wrinkles. Age is catching up! S.O.S.

A Very Sensitive Subject – but to be honest, not everyone would believe whatever you see or hear. I am here to share my real-life stories with my dear friends here in the Friends world.

Some say that we are imagining things but truth is, what if we are born with it since young?

I did not fully understand things I could hear when I was younger… But when there’s a heavy thunderstorm I hear things a lot of things my friends have not heard of. I hear the chains of prisoners during a heavy thunderstorm when I was smaller. It seemed heavy with the wind moving together along with it. There was a belief that the chains are sounds of the chains from prisoners of Hell. I’m not sure about that but I am just sharing the things I can hear.

But it got even more clearer, I could feel the presence of spirits and even the not so good one which I would not like to mention here… I hate it when I could feel the presence because well, next thing is – I can start to smell or see.

As I mentioned before I was a virgin before marriage, so it is considered so called – pure. So I was able to see many beings.

When I got married, it got lesser. When I gave birth, it got even lesser. However, when I was pregnant I saw many good things. And thank God above, I did not see any evil beings. I was very fortunate that it seemed to have been blocked – my third eye. When I was pregnant, I saw doves flying in the sky… 7 birds flying together as a flock. You can never see doves in Singapore, FYI. So I don’t know if you believe me, but I know what I saw.

When I gave birth, I almost passed away. I lost a lot of blood and was in tremendous pain… That I knocked out. There was a very bright light – brighter than any light I saw. And then, I heard a voice – Are you ready to leave this Earth? I was so sad because my first thought was my child of course. I answered that I was not and I wanted to know what it would be like as a mother. I mentioned I was not a hijabi… But the so called light told me to strengthen my faith and to dress modestly when I feel ready. And I opened my eyes and realized I was in the operating theatre again. I cried so much… I almost died. But I believed that it was the angel that passed God’s message.

Well, people might say that I am imagining things… Again, I say that I am blessed with this sight. However, I find that it is much lesser now…

There’s good in that. When my girl was a baby, she could not speak. But she kept crying. I felt a presence. When my girl finally slept, I spoke through my heart and was wondering where it was and the ‘thing’ that disturbed my child appeared. It was hanging on the ceiling. My God – I just prayed to God to please protect my child and I.

But I am glad my sightings aren’t as often as when I was single and young. Sometimes, a gift might not be understood by others but we should just be ourselves and accept whoever we are.

Alisha’s Mommy

The Rich Gets Richer, The Poor Gets Poorer and The Average Stays Stagnant

You know from experiences I find that the rich gets richer. They are so stingy… Millionaires or billionaires or hundreds or thousands in the bank but considered not enough. If I was in their shoes, there’s so much I can do. Worse part, they complain. When not given money that’s given to the poor, they say they are citizens too and that they deserve part of the money. They feedback as such to the government.

I know some people with high rank but are super duper stingy. They freaking hell dig their piggy banks to buy food. Are you kidding me? For someone who barely gets to save like me, I don’t do what you do. But, I am happy where I am. To be honest, even though I have not managed to save… I am happy.

The poor… They get help but things are getting more expensive. How to cope?

The average, like myself, stays stagnant. Barely surviving or surviving… Either one.


Alisha’s Mommy

How To Get Over An Ex (The Helping A Friend Version)


A Photo of my Once Upon A Time Mc Delivery Baby – LOL

Recently, a friend of mine contacted me. She’s very heart-broken by the experience.

So I shared with her some very good tips (in my view, I guess haha):

  1. Some people said it’s good to stay friends with ex. My view – NO. It’s like a baggage to carry. If you wanna move on, move on for real.
  2. Delete all of the contacts pertaining to him or his friends.
  3. Click on the ‘Refresh’ button of your life, girlfriend! Pursue a degree or change to a new job. Quit the excuses and excel.
  4. Go for a physical makeover. Exercise and have a goal i.e. 6 pack or perhaps toned body or an ideal aimed weight
  5. Go for more pampering sessions – Massage, Manicure, Pedicure. Make yourself sizzling hot and irresistible.
  6. Join a volunteerism group to make new friends.
  7. Go for a hairstyling make-over. Perm, highlights, you name it. LOL
  8. Change your contact number and only add VIP people.

And last but not least, keep your contacts with only friends who inspire you… not degrade you further.


Alisha’s Mommy

Loving You Endlessly (Poetry)

Photo Credits: Tiga MM

I searched my whole life
For someone to call me his wife
A man who has the courage
To let me be above average

I thank God for gifting
Me with someone worth loving
There are days we’re only fighting
But he’s the one who keeps me moving

I long for only his kiss
A moment without him I miss
Though times may be rough
He’s the one who keeps me tough

I will love you endlessly
Forever and ever hopelessly
Till the end of time
I only hope for you be mine

Our love gave us a child
She’s the one who makes love even more wild
She keeps us together
Whatever the weather

Dedicated to my Husband & Daughter.
It’s been a long time since I last wrote poetry.
The last time I won a poetry contest was when I was in Secondary school.

Triple Birthday Celebration @ Aunt’s Condo + Post Photos of my baby’s hair trimmed by me

Today we had the trio celebration – birthday for the Feb babies. Hubby and cousins of mine…

I ordered Ondeh Ondeh cake from Sooperlicious and it was definitely different from our regular cakes hahaha. Few might appreciate the taste because of it’s unique taste but I like it though… My girl LOVED it so much. She kept asking me for more but I tried to keep it at an adequate amount as I don’t wanna see her running all over the place. LOL

Yeah you can check out her hair and the photo she took with my mom, dad… She  wanted to be part of the Triple Celebration – children. LOL…

I had a wefie with my cousins. Well love them all. We have gatherings at my mother’s side as often as we can.

I find it is important to keep the bond alive despite disagreements.


Alieha’s Mommy