Happy Chinese New Year + Memory of A Loving Neighbour during my Wedding

I got married in 2014. Back then, I was not a Hijabi thus the image above.

Happy Chinese New Year to all those celebrating it! Those who are not, Happy Holidays!

Today I was reminded of my Chinese neighbour when I lived with my mom. Now I live in my own house.

In SG, we live in racial harmony filled with different races. The loving and caring man passed away last year. I heard the news from my mom. I felt so sad.

They were of different religion. Catholics or Christians, am not too sure. I can’t recall but it did not matter that much to me but what touched my heart the most was every morning, he would greet me a good morning.

He also came to my wedding… He suddenly came up to sing me and my hubby a beautiful song. On top of that, he mentioned I was a great neighbour.

He lived a long life perhaps due to his kind heart. Even though he was 90 years old, he walked like a healthy man.

When I visit my parents, I drop by to say hi to his wife who was very open about their relationship. They always seemed in love but she never sugar coated anything. She was honest about their relationship but yet very in love. They go everywhere together and the husband loves to sing to her and everyone around him…

May your soul rest in peace.


Alisha’s Mommy

How To Trim a MOVING Toddler’s Hair – Quick & Simple

To keep her hair healthy, every morning I shampoo with organic shampoo. Every night, I apply Olive Oil.

I do not use a comb but rather the ‘hair holder’ which can serve as a comb as eell. You can get it online at a cheap price.

Do note tt I am no hairdresser. LOL

Ok so here are tips:

1) Use the hair holder to come your toddler’s hair

2) After all hair is flat, use a scissors to cut a straight path. length depends on you

3) While cutting, give your child a sticker album and stickers

4) Tell your child if he or she sits still, you will give her the yoghurt bar he or she loves

5) Follow the same technique at the back, fringe as well as the sides

And tadaaaa you have your own masterpiece.

Looks cleaner now!

I think.

And saves salon money!


Alisha’s Mommy

Treat Myself Day (Manhattan Fish) + Mac N Cheese for Baby Alisha

Today my hubby treated us to Manhattan Fish food. WOW been a long time without rice so today decided to give myself a break.

LOL my girl totally loves mac and cheese. It is her fav!

Mine was sambal fish. On top of that, it had steamed carrots and brocoli.

Am gonna have mushroom soup for dinner guys.

Anyway am gonna have tutorial on how to trim your toddler’s hair. I trim my girl’s hair on my own – saves salon money!

PS: And I am no hairdresser! LOL


Alisha’s Mommy

Throwback Thursday (Sea Aquarium @ Sentosa SG With Fam)

The most beautiful form of beauty is nature’s beauty. The above photos are throwback Thursday photos from our family adventure at SEA Aquarium Sentosa.

It was quite a sight but to be honest, our girl got bored halfway. Hahaha perhaps tired or something but we had to keep her interested… Tough I must say. LOL

ANYWAYS, it helped to relax our minds. We had free popcorn and enjoyed lunch after.


Alisha’s Family

Dinner (Bee Hoon Goreng with Vege + Cheesy Hotdog + Fishcake Roll) – No Rice Diet

I had this for dinner. Tasty and don’t feel heavy at all.

Had my detox last night. Today I went toilet 3 times!

Still am hvg no rice diet and loving it.

I climbed the staircase for 1.5 months now. I used to pant out of breathlessness but this week there was no panting!

Yayhoo!  No lifts just staircase guys…


Alisha’s Mommy