Trip to Hello Kitty Town JB & Thomas Town

Before the entrance of Hello Kitty Town… Wow pink everywhere. LOL


Afterwhich, my family took the spinning tea cup ride. My head was also spinning after the ride… I am serious. I felt dizzy!


We then proceeded to catch some nice Hello Kitty themed rooms… If my house was really like this, speechless. Too much kitties to look at everyday. Hahaha


At this point, I was starting to get tired… I think my girl was starting to get hungry as well. There were some activities for the kids to do but I would be honest, 2 year olds don’t really enjoy this part the most… but it does encourage bonding (and a little argument between mom and child as the child is not ready to share)… Below we are coloring images to make a badge.


Next part was the one she loved the most i.e. Le Indoor Playground also known as, the I Am Tired Of Chasing You Around to mothers…


Overall, these are the highlights… AND also overall, I was tired and hungry folks.

The End.


Working Mom’s Dilemma: Pay Cut & Shorter Distance VS Higher Salary & Longer Distance

Which would you pick as a working mother?

A job that cuts your pay but your distance gets to be shorter OR longer distance but higher salary.

Take into consideration also that you have to pick your child up from her childcare at the end of your work.

I am currently looking for a job near my home so that I can travel by bus and pick her up at her childcare by bus as well.


Anniversary @ Double Tree Hilton Hotel JB

We needed a short trip badly. Yesterday we took the KTM train from SG to JB @ $5 per person. Yesterday was freaking packed to the max!

I must admit that this is the best hotel I have ever been too! We had a welcome cookie which tasted SUPER DELISH! Yummeh! A friendly receptionist named Richie welcomed us alongside his manager. Customer service is fantastic!

We told them that our anniversary was today so yesterday when we arrived they have already decorated the hotel. WOW.

Loved the deco but because the drinks might not be Halal, we did not consume it. But appreciated the extra mile!

The best part was the massage. I booked last minute… at 6pm I called for an 8pm massage. On a weekday so I was lucky there were slots! HAHA. They could do in room but I prefer doing at their massage room as our toddler was sleeping in our hotel room… big shoutout to hubby for watching over our baby girl while I relax. I had a swedish massage by Jenny! SUPERB.

Before the massage, my feet were soaked in rose petals…

This is one of the best hotel in JB I have visited.

I love Malaysia and just want to take a short break from the hustle bustle of SG.

Wish we had more money to invest on a longer stay.


Lifetime Comparison Despite Blood Ties

They say blood is thicker than water but is it really?

My aunts tend to compare me and their children – in terms of academic, career etc.

I though that by my generation, this whole comparison thing would end but it did not. Unfortunately, I could read through my cousin’s heart. She is also following her mom’s footsteps which is to… compare my child and her child. I hate to bring my child up in this kind of comparison. If we truly believe in God, we should believe that whatever that has been planned for us, is our Destiny. We should not compre our children to see who is better. I am disappointed that verbally she says she is not as such but in reality, she is. This cousin of mine is a year older than me.

She posts her child’s photograph with probably the intention to show that her child is better or best. For me, I prefer a low profiled life. I was blessed with a job, house, marriage and a child… but I prefer to keep my life under blankets because of the gossips that I might stir up.

Life is simple. Also, we are relatives connected by blood ties, so why are you comparing? Don’t you believe in destiny or fate?

Home Deco Hari Raya Project

I am a down to Earth person. So when it comes to decoration, I love to include colours of nature and elements of nature itself.

These are the before pictures and areas that I wish to decorate. The flowers I just bought for SG$10 per bunch. So I bought two bunches to fit the vase.

Here are the list of items I bought:


I am getting indoor plants too once I have more cash.

The current playmat can’t be used for Hari Raya so these are my choices:

In my girl’s room, I will be getting these wall stickers:


I cannot  wait for the end results. Also I have a budget to stick to. I am purchasing items of good quality but of affordable prices.

The Truth About Giving Birth

Today, posts would be basically focusing on women and things they go through. Why the topic of giving birth? Because I am having the time of the month…

So yeah, anyways, let me just share my ‘short’ experience that I had. That’s what people said when I mentioned I had 5 hour of labour. Let me be more detailed… 5 hours of cramps and pain.

So yeah, back to the story, my baby’s heart rate was monotonous. So, I had to be shifted to the delivery area. I had a craving for the most stinkiest food in the world. And when I told the nurses that I had to poop after they placed the solution in the backdoor, they did not listen to me. Before giving birth, they have to ensure that all your poop came out first. So, I gave birth while pooping.

Dear Nurses, because you were so stubborn, you get to enjoy the smell of my poop while delivering my baby for free. Plus, you have to clean it off me while I give birth. Have fun.

So, afterwhich, I tried SO hard to give birth but it was so difficult. The cramping was real bad and the gas that was meant to help did not help at all. It was supposed to reduce the pain but guess what everyone, I felt EVERYTHING. Every inch of pain… No wait. Every CM of pain.

I wanted epidural but hubby insisted that I do not because he does not want me to go through the side effects. Yes, epidural does have side effect. In terms of pain, out of 10, I would rate it a 10 and above.

So, please dear husbands, if your wife is giving birth, give her a good hug and irregardless of the poop etc, just love her because she is going through the pain that you do not have to go through. Yes, she might have had your sperm to have the baby but she carried the baby for 9 months and went through it all because of her love for both you and the child…

Thank God, this period is over between my hubby and I.


Love the Time of the Month

Well, hello, time of the month. I had a conversation with someone aged around the 50s. I told her that I am having a bad menstrual cramp.

My womb was in pain yesterday. I did not know whether I was going to have diarrhoea the day before but the anticipation was real. I thought I missed my period – not ready for number 2 yet – but turns out the calendar stated the truth. My period is well, regular.

Back to the conversation that I had, she told me that it is good that you still experience this because when you reach my age and the period stops, all the other illnesses comes.

And people are even telling me that after giving birth, the period should be less painful and guess what…

It still hurts the same.

The End.